North Sperrins Availability list For Spring 2023

North Sperrins availability list for spring 2023 . All propagated here at the Herb Farm potted mostly in a peatfree compost . Cash and Carry Wholesale enquires very welcome discounts for full trays of each variety.  More Varieties added during the growing Season. 
Herbs Spring 2023
Aztec Sweet Herb
Basil Cinnamon 
Basil Greek
Basil Green   all Basil May to July
Basil Thai
Borage Blue
Brozen Fennel
Chives Garlic
Cotton Lavender
Curry Plant 
French Tarragon 
Hysopp Blue
Lemon Balm 
Lemon Verbena
Lime Balm
Marigold Orange
Marjarom Pot
Mint Apple
Mint Black Pepper
Mint Blackcurrant
Mint Choc
Mint Ginger
Mint Green
Mint Orange
Mint Strawberry
Mint sweet Lemon
Mint Thai
Oregana Golden
Oregano Compact
Oregano Country Cream
Oregano Green
Oregano Hot &Spicy
Parsley Curly
Parsley Flat
Parsley Italian
Rosemary BBq
RoseMary off
Rosemary Trailing
Sage Blackcurrant
Sage Green
Sage Honey Mellon
Sage Pineapple
Sage Purple 
Sage Tangerine
Sage Varigated
Salad Burnet 
Stevia Sweet
Thyme Creeping Red
Thyme English
Thyme Lemon 
Thyme Lemon Creeping 
Thyme Lemon Var
Thyme Orange
Thyme ord
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